First Cherry Street Farmer's Market a Success!

The rain stayed away and the spring like temperatures really blessed us with a wonderful opening day for the Cherry Street Farmer’s Market this past weekend.  Dozens and dozens of vendors starting setting up well before sunrise to be ready for the 7am start time and first market of the 2019 season on Cherry St.

We debuted with our staple products:  including clams of Valentina, Stella and Luna cookies.  We also introduced our pumpkin empanadas to the mix!  We were given the opportunity to sample hundreds of our cookies to the numerous attendees at the market.  One local Tulsan, who is originally from South Texas, was in love with the cookies because they reminded him of home and he also said the pumpkin empanada was the best he’s had in years!

We are already looking forward to the early alarm clock this coming Saturday so we can once again share our authentic Mexican cookies to the Tulsa crowd.  Temperatures look a little cooler this weekend – but if the rain holds off, it should be another successful Saturday on Cherry Street!

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