Felizsta = "Feliz" + "Fiesta" (Happy Party!)


Felizsta's Story

Both my parents and grandparents owned and operated panaderias (Mexican bakeries) along the Texas/Mexican border.  

My grandparent's legacy bakery, El Fenix Bakery, is still located in Edinburg, TX and best known for its glazed and chocolate donuts.  My parent's bakery, Celebrity Cake Shop, was best known for its biscuit, cakes and pan de polvo.

By far, Celebrity Cake Shop's pan de polvo would get the highest compliments.  People would often make an extra trip to their bakery just to pick up some cookies before they traveled back to wherever they came from.  The cookies were sought after and shared all over the nation through customers.  So, we thought, why not help provide a service that allowed them to order direct ship-from-store? 

That's where Felizsta came in!  

I started Felizsta in June 2018 as a family owned, online-only business.  Our primary focus was to make it easy for cultural food lovers to find and order authentic, fresh Mexican cookies in a convenient, modern way.  

My parents retired from Celebrity Cake Shop, but still help me run Felizsta today.  My dad and I can often be seen baking together.  And my mom helps us fulfill and ship orders.

Today we bake cookies out of a commercially licensed kitchen and ship from our retail shop at 1102 S. Lewis Ave Suite B Tulsa, OK 74104.  

You can order our cookies online or shop in person at our flagship store on Route 66. 

Our Mission/Purpose

As a Mexican-American family from South Texas and Tulsa transplants.  Our mission is to -- 

- Honor Our Heritage! Continue the traditional craft of baking polvorones or pan de polvo.  Our famous cookies are made from scratch, hand-cut and baked in small batches.

- Celebrate The Culture! Share the vibrant culture of Latin America with others through gifts, art, home decor and gourmet foods.  Specializing in our famous Mexican cookies, of course!!  

What does Felizsta mean?

Felizsta is a mash of two Spanish words feliz (happy) and fiesta (party).  To us, it embodies the meaning of a Mexican cookie -- petite in size and meant to be shared at social gatherings to deliver happiness in every bite. 

Mexican cookies, also known as 'biscochitos' 'pan de polvo' 'polvorones' or 'mexican wedding cookies' may have lots of different names but all share the same rich cultural tradition.  

Learn more about our cookies here.

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